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Builders Mess and Special Event Services


Remember some of our vision'life is about memories',these services give you the time to sit back and enjoy those memories.

Builders Mess

Wondering where to start once your new kitchen has been fitted or your home has been renovated or an extension built.We carry out full deep cleans of builders mess so not only does your home have improvements but a makeover as well.

We welcome builders to use our services to,so you leave that lasting impression on your workmanship and an happy customer who will pass on to others how clean there property was left.We work alongside large property developers to ensure brand new builds are cleaned to a very high standard with a full handover with myself and the senior member of your team/company.

Special Event Services


Those family and friends occasions where you should be able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. PHP provide a full clean up service for you whether it be at a venue,your home or even in your garden after a BBQ,lets not forget those delightful children's parties.Nothing phases our team.

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